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Rohit Chand

Founder & CEO at RHooker Real Estate

  • Agent License: 0066
  • Specialties: Property Management, Consulting, Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Buying, Selling

About Rohit Chand

Founder of R Hooker Real Estate, a leading Agent with two decades of experience. Mr. Chand, established the R Hooker Real Estate company in Suva, Fiji Islands, in 2012.

Started his real estate career at Premier Real Estate, within a lapse of six months joined Rolle  Associates, a leading valuation company and later joined their sister company Raine & Horne Real Estate, a Australian franchised company as a sales consultant and was promoted as a manager.

Growing up a hard life made him think big to do something where name, fame and wealth was equally achieved. Mr. Chand did not settle for less, with his eager and big dreams to be a leading  man, he worked in multiple industries including Life Insurance corporation of India, Dominion Insurance and spent almost five years in other service industry.

Mr. Chand, with his hard work and determination founded R Hooker Real Estate, in 2012. The company blossomed alongside with Mr. Chand and his great leadership and property demand in the market with the increased commerce of the region providing the  real estate market with a great deal of strength and prosperity. Along side this growth, Mr. Chand and the R Hooker Team have become well established in the household Real Estate and well respected realtors in the residential, commercial and tourism property industry in Fiji.

As a career, Mr. Chand has found Real Estate to offer “amazing opportunity”. With his kind gesture of connecting and communicating with people, has helped create a vast impact on the socializing event of his life. Mr. Chand has always stood by his favorite quote principle “Born to Earn”, which indeed has led him to successfully maintain a reputable name in the Real Estate industry. With his growing ambition, Mr. Chand accomplished to move a step further into the market through expanding their office and staff members, in 2021; enabling a more vast and better client interaction. Although Mr. Chand has received numerous rewards for his work ethics and achievements over the years, he says his greatest reward is the long term professional relationship developed and maintained with individuals of all backgrounds

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